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S E A S O N S !

November 22, 2011


Keeping Busy

November 17, 2011

We’ve been doing a good job keeping busy ‘round these parts now that we can’t go outside. We are listening to records, having dance parties, painting pictures, making snowflakes, stringing paper garlands and playing little people. Today we made new flannel bedding so the kids would be warm in the winter.

Funny Fakers

AUGUST JACK // 15 Weeks Old

November 12, 2011

Week 15
Hi Gus,
So it was just a few days ago that I posted week 14, I know I am a total slacker. Here I am with your update on week 15. This is the stuff that’s happening. First this last weekend you experienced your first day light savings. It wasn’t too big of a deal keeping you up an hour later to get used to the new schedule but on the morning end you are waking up an hour earlier, arrr. I don’t like it. Not only that you went back to your ways of waking up twice a night, (come on dude, give yer ma a break.)

The other big news for this week is that dad is out of town again, over the weekend too, blah! So since Thursday it’s just been me you and Finn, and you haven’t been sleeping well. Needless to say your mom is tired. I am finally taking a second to relax tonight for the first time in days and I having a beer and bed before I hit the hay.

Love you little guy.

AUGUST JACK // 14 Weeks Old

November 9, 2011

Gus 14 weeks
I totally slacked on this 14 week old update, I mean you are almost 15 weeks old and I’m writing this late but I can remember what happened during the 14th week so I am going to tell you about it. First you started rolling over from your stomach to your back, next step crawling. You are way more leaner than Finn was so I imagine you have the potential to crawl earlier. Only time will tell though. Finn didn’t start crawling till he was 10 months old.

It was also Halloween this week, you, Finn and Elsa celebrated by wearing orange and black and going trick or treating at night time. You were really good when we went trick or treating, I just held you and we walked up and down the blocks. BTW, our block rules for halloween, there were at least 3 different camp fires set up in peoples front yards and your mom and dad got a few trick or treats too in the form of beers from the neighbors! You fell asleep after we stopped by Uncle Erik and Auntie Jenn’s house. That’s all I got for ya, more to come in a few days.

Love ya!

Finn “My ramen is sad, cause I’m eating’ it.”//
Elsa: “Finn, you’re cray-cray.”
Finn: “No I’m a silly billy.”//

November 1, 2011


AUGUST JACK // 13 Weeks Old

October 29, 2011

GUS 13 Weeks
Hey-a Gus!
You are getting so old now! You’ll be 3 months tomorrow, I think I am more excited than you are. I remember that with your brother everything got a little easier after 3 months. This week you started sitting up in your swing, which was awesome. You love sitting there and watching your brother and Elsa play. Next stop getting you to bounce in your Johnny-Jump-Up. Finn loved his and was bouncing by 4 months, but the way things go you will probably hate it or something. I am looking forward to it because that means hands free time for me.

The big event for this week was the cold that started with Finn, then quickly spread to me, you and Elsa. You can see a little of the snot from your cold on your face in this picture. I get so worried about you kiddo’s when you get sick, and it’s pretty hard to be a sick mom who’s taking care of three kids. Like all good mom’s though, it’s easy to put you guys first and make sure that you are feeling as good as you can be.

For next week, let’s feel better, okay?
Love you gazillions.