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End of the year to-do

October 29, 2011

4 things to finish before 2012
There’s no better way to get your butt in gear than to give yourself a list of projects. I was inspired by Apartment Therapy’s fall home cure series and have since given myself by the end of 2012 to complete 4 projects on the main floor of my house. It might be a little unrealistic but I am going to try my hardest to get-r-done. Last year I had a few end of the year projects that I rushed to get done before the new year like wallpapering the entry way, buying a new desk and finishing up a few craft projects. It sure did make the house feel new and fresh going into the new year. Here’s my cure for this year’s projects.
Step 1: Replace the Eames desk chair in the entry way with a black Bertoia side chair.
Step 2: Replace dim victorian fixture in the entry way with a George Nelson cigar lamp.
Step 3: Move the Eames chair to the living room and add a rocker base just like I had done with the other chair in Gus’ room.
Step 4: Take down wallpaper in the music room and put up this peacock feather wallpaper from Ferm Living on an accent wall.

Getting Ready for Halloween.

October 25, 2011

We got our pumping carving on today and made some sweet Jack O’ Lanterns.

Weekends @ Home

October 24, 2011

Weekends at Home 3

Making Cookies.

October 21, 2011

This week at babysitter’s club we made cookies! Who knew that following the recipe on the bag yields you the most delicious batch of cookies.
Finn & Elsa were good cookie monsters.

AUGUST JACK // 12 Weeks Old

GUS // 12 weeks
Hey Gus!
You are 12 weeks old today!! That is almost 3 months, congrats little buddy. This week you stayed pretty cool. You started doing this little giggle squeal thing sometimes, it’s totally adorable and cute, keep it up. You are also getting totally good at standing, I am seriously impressed. Don’t tell your brother but I don’t think he could do all the same stuff that you are doing at 12 weeks. You also had your first ever trip to IKEA! Finn was super excited to take you there but a little bummed that your stroller was not allowed on the escalators. All in all you did a good job but we did have to stop and change you in the family restroom before our trip home because you were soaked from puke. That brings me to another fun fact, you are spitting up like crazy, not even kidding, seriously insane amounts of puke come out of you every day. We did start you on a new formula this week and that seems to be helping a little bit but there is still a lot of puke coming out of your face. Also, high five, you are only waking up once a night now, holy cow! So awesome. Keep up all the learning can’t wait to see what new things you are up to next week.

Weekends @ Home

October 16, 2011

Weekend at Home

Finn: “How come sometimes trucks are called monsters?”//
AUGUST JACK // 11 Weeks Old

Gus // 11 Weeks Old
Heyo Gus, You’re 11 weeks old now, hooray! This week was full of exciting stuff (not really though). Let me break it down for you, there was a lot of puking going on. On average I changed my clothes twice a day and you changed yours around 8 times. It was crazy. Someday you’re gonna owe me one for all the laundry I’ve done. That’s not all you’ve been up to though, you are also are getting really good at holding your head up, all that tummy time is paying off. You are starting to roll on to one side when you’re playing with your rad fish toy. You bat at it with your little paw and you think it’s pretty cool. Also, there have been two instances this week where you only wake up once a night as opposed to twice (!!!), so keep doing that. I guess that about wraps it up, can’t wait to see what cool stuff you will be doing next week.


Yo Finn!

October 12, 2011

Finn Cool