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Fall in the Backyard

October 12, 2011

Tag the Dog

Leaf Pile Mania
It’s agreed, fall rules! We’ve been playing in the backyard tons and going on lots of awesome walks. I wish it could be this way all year.

Last week Finn’s Grammy brought Tag the puppy for a visit, Elsa and Finn had tons of fun chasing that little pup around the yard. The next day we made leaf piles, we don’t have any trees in our backyard and the leaves we do have our kind of tiny. In the end it we are left with a rather small leaf pile but it didn’t seem to matter to these guys.

Back to Normal

October 11, 2011

Chore schedule
Ahh, one step closer to get things back to normal around here. I have my chore schedule back again. The days are finally allowing enough time to get things done thanks to Gus’ awesome new sleeping schedule I don’t have to feel exhausted all day long.

Looking forward to having a clean and organized house again.

Weekends @ Home

October 8, 2011

So, I got a new photo app for my phone and it works pretty amazingly for taking interior shots on yer phone. Usually I try and avoid indoor photos with my phone just because there is never enough light (and they haven’t invented an iphone tripod yet) and backgrounds like windows become blown out and over exposed BUT, my friend Rippy showed me this app that exposes for the highlight and the lowlight and then merges the too. Super rad. You can see in my photos that the shots with the windows aren’t super blown out. Yay for cool phone apps! Oh and it’s called Pro HDR.

AUGUST JACK - 10 Weeks Old

October 7, 2011

Gus // 10 weeks old
Yeah Gus! You’re 10 weeks old today. This week you had your first sleepover at your Grandma & Grandpa’s house and you did a great job at sleeping. They were really, really, really happy and relieved that you FINALLY figured out your nighttime schedule. Your dad had his 30th b-day bash and it was pretty sweet. He’s old now so now you can start calling him your “old man” whenever the mood strikes ya. Speaking of dad, he went on his first long distance work trip this week since you’ve been borned. He’s out in Tucson AZ, even though I’ve been telling everyone that he was going to Baltimore all week (what was I thinking.) Anywho, it’s just me, you and your bro-der Finn around the house, dad is coming home late tomorrow night. We are surviving thanks to a lot of visitors. Can’t wait to see what sort of cool stuff you do next week. XOXO

Finn: “Look, It’s the crescent moon, I need to go dancing in the moonlight”//
— I totally cracked up as you pranced through the yard.

October 5, 2011

CMYK love
Today these guys bonded over Michael “happy feet” Jackson.

Fall is the best

October 4, 2011

We love fall around these parts, today we went on a super beautiful fall walk. It is like 81ยบ outside, holy crapoly. Finn dressed himself and wore a huge oversized shirt paired with his blue hoodie - it flared out like a skirt. He topped the look of with some blue and orange galoshes. Looking good my little man.

Birthday Spread

October 3, 2011

The Spread
Here’s how the spread looked for the dirty 30 birthday bash. Gold everywhere including on the cupcakes. Not photographed was the amazing food; build-your-own philly cheese steak sanwhich’s made special by Uncle Matt, and Roonz’ chicken chili. Best in the west.

Finn’s 1st Job

Finn the beer man
For half an hour on Friday night, Finn was the greatest beer pourer of all time. He made sure to ask EVERYONE if they needed a beer. He was totally stoked and proud of his first job ever.